The Advantages Of Drinking Green Tea

My two current favourite green teas

I have really been getting into drinking green tea recently and I thought I would research the benefits of drinking green tea and what I found was rather surprising! I have definitely ditched good old PG Tips and dived into the world of green tea! If you are unsure about drinking green tea then I highly recommend trying a fruit infused green teas as it takes away the herbal taste and makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

So what is the history behind green tea?
Green tea originated in China where it was used mostly as a medicine however it was also used throughout Asia as a drink. It has recently got very popular worldwide as we now know more about the benefits green tea gives you, however having just one cup again won’t make a huge impact in your health so if you really want to see results then try drinking 2-3 cups a day.
Okay, so let’s look at the benefits of drinking green tea!
  • Speedy metabolism – Green tea helps to speed up the metabolism as the polyphenol found in green tea helps to intensify the level of fat oxidation and speeds up how your body deals with turning food into calories. So it is great if you are trying to lose or maintain your weight.
  • Health benefits – There are many health benefits to drinking green tea such as diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, blood pressure, the common cold, some cancers and depression, however, they all haven’t been proven to help improve/cure so if you are going to drink green tea for the medicine side of things then I recommend going to your GP to get expert advice
  • Dental benefits – Tooth decay is another thing that green tea battles, as it contains a chemical antioxidant called Catechin it is believed to destroy bacteria and viruses that can cause throat infection, tooth decay/loss and other dental issues.
  • Green tea does wonders for your skin! As it helps reduce the signs of ageing because it is packed with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory 
I have only tried Twinings green tea however if you know of any other ones then let me know!

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  1. Green tea is beneficial and green coffee bean extract is not any lesser than that. It is very healthy and efficiently reduces weight. Thank you for the information about green tea.

    Finn Felton
    Kopi Luwak

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