This Week From Grazebox!

This is my second Graze box and once again I am blown away! First off I love the box it came in this time, it’s a very summary/holiday themed but I don’t want to be talking about the box, I want to talk about the yummy little snacks that were inside!
So the first thing I tried was the Honeycomb Flapjack, which is made up of oats, honeycomb and milk chocolate. It wasn’t as sweet as I thought it was going to be but I didn’t feel guilty for eating something that contained honeycomb and chocolate!
Next was the Inspired by Jaffa Cake punnet which is as the name suggests a healthier version of the Jaffa Cake! It consisted of dark chocolate buttons, orange raisins and roasted hazelnuts… I love everything in this little punnet.
Then I tried the Summer Pudding, which was a mix of blackcurrants, cranberries, sponge pieces and yoghurt coated seeds. I’ve tried the Summer Pudding before but I was more than happy to have it again because it is, without a doubt, my favourite snack I’ve tried so far.
Last but not least was the Korai Chutney with Curry Bites, I didn’t actually eat this because I’m not too much of a fan of spicy things so I gave it to Steve and he said that he really liked it. He also said that it was rather filling even though there was a small amount.

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  1. I know! They didn't last long! :'D

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