How To Deal With Bullying and Being Proud Of Who You Are

Bullying can be one of the most difficult things to deal with when growing up, you don’t know who to turn to or who to trust. The only thing that you do know is that it is grinding you down more and more every day. I speak from experience and I have made a video talking about one incident however like most bullying cases there isn’t just the one.

I was only a victim of verbal bullying which was quite soul destroying for me because I was one of those people who cared way too much of what people thought of me. I was bullied throughout secondary school just because I was different from the rest of the girls my age. I didn’t wear make-up, I didn’t style my hair and I still had some of my ‘puppy fat’. Those stupid little things singled me out, they’d call me fat and ugly on a daily basis and it nearly got to the point where I just wanted to end it all.
Obviously, I didn’t, somehow I got stronger and built a wall between myself and snide comments. It got me through the last 2 years of secondary because I just didn’t care anymore. I am my own person, so why should I follow the crowd just to be accepted?! I had a fantastic group of friends and we all supported each other, we still do to this day.
Anyway, enough of my story, let’s talk about you. I know there are many types of bullying out there. Cyber, physical, verbal and there are other little ways people can get to you, however, the thing you have to learn is to build the same wall as I did. No matter how you’re being bullied, you NEED to tell someone before things get totally out of hand. You might think that it will only make things worse but trust me they won’t. If you’re at school tell your teachers, parents, siblings, friends anyone who can help! The worse that could happen is that you’ll have to sit in the same room as the person and talk about your experiences with an adult in the room. It may be a terrifying thought however it will make things a lot easier in the long run because people will be looking out for you.
Now onto being proud of the person you are! I was one of the ‘weird kids’ because I loved rock and metal music whilst they were listening to other mainstream music and because of that, I dressed differently, mostly blacks or dark colours. I guess you could say I was one of the ‘Emo kids’ but I was still proud of who I was and I still am to this day! I still listen to the same music I’ve just changed how I dress because I got bored of wearing black all the time. There are a few things that I changed about myself to boost my confidence and work with what I have. I started to wear makeup because I hated how red my cheeks were and I started to style my hair because I hated how straight it was. Just making a few tweaks to your look and you’ll instantly feel better! If you want to wear a really bold lipstick or a colourful outfit but scared of what people might think then forget them and do it. You’ll feel empowered, you may get a few odd looks but there will also be a lot of people wishing they could be as confident as you.
I’m going to end this here but if you need any advice then please do contact me!

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