My New Look Wishlist | Autumn 2013


As the Autumn is slowly creeping in I thought I would head on over to and have a little look around and to my surprise there were quite a few items that caught my fancy! Over the summer I couldn’t find anything that I liked in-store or on their website so I just gave up however they have delivered this season!


Black Leather-Look Waterfall Jacket – £39.99
So I’m going to begin with my most favourite item. I have been wanting a leather/leather-look jacket for months however they have always been stiff looking. I like to be able to move my arms around freely instead of being restricted. The sleeves are made of a jersey material so I know that I’ll be able to flail my arms around freely! Another feature that I love about this jacket is the waterfall front because I don’t like to zip up jackets I always leave them open so I’m glad that it has replaced the zip with this lovely detail.
Black Honeycomb Knit Longline Boyfriend Cardigan – £19.99
I am in love with this cardigan for many reasons. One is the fact that it is a ‘boyfriend’ cardigan which means it will be nice and slouchy for those days when you just want to curl up on the sofa and be all snug also the type of knit that it is. I love knitted cardigans but most of them are either too chunky or to thin but this one is smack bang in the middle for me because I know it’s going to keep me warm and cosy and not swallow me!
Hudson and Rose Stone Mini Cable Knit Jumper – £17.99
 I don’t usually like light coloured jumpers but there is something about this one that I can’t help but love! It just looks so warm and snugly and with the colder weather setting in that’s exactly what I’m going to need! Also I have learnt my lesson from last Autumn/Winter I was ill quite a bit and I put that down to wearing just a t-shirt and a hoodie so this year I’m doing things differently!
Burgundy Leather-Look Trim Boucle Jumper – £19.99
 Another jumper that caught my eye, I’m really into burgundy at the moment it just makes me feel warmer for some reason plus its a colour that is going to be quite popular throughout Autumn/Winter.
Burgundy Zip Front Dress – £19.99
As soon as I seen this dress I knew I had to have it! It’s quite unusual for me to like a dress like this because it looks very red, I always go for the darker colours however there is just something that I adore about this dress. I love the front zip, I think it’ll makes it easier to be able to change it from a casual to formal dress.
Red T-Shirt Skater Dress – £14.99
Yet another quite vibrant dress! I really am trying to get out of the habit of just wearing black clothes because it is quite boring to be honest. I love the look of this dress, I think it would make a great little outfit if you’re going to a party or just meeting up with friends.
2Pk Burgundy and Black Ankle Length Leggings – £12.99
I’ve decided that I am a lot more comfortable in  leggings than I am in jeans. Simply because my legs look a bit sausage like in jeans and I can’t stand having to wiggle into skinny jeans anymore so I have converted to wearing leggings which are 110% more comfortable!
Black Cut Out Panel Buckle Ankle Boots – £24.99
I think I might start dribbling if I look at these any longer! They are actually beautiful (to me anyway!) I was looking for some boots to possibly go with the dresses above and I think these would be perfect! One of the dresses, the black jacket, black tights and these = PERFECTION! My style is quite simple to be fair however I know these would go with a lot of other things in my wardrobe!
Charcoal Grey Floral Snood – £7.99
I don’t own a snood yet and I love this one because it is has roses, its grey and black and the design is really nice. Unlike most rose printed scarfs it doesn’t look gaudy and it will be easy to pair with nearly anything
Red and Pink Baroque Rose Print Scarf – £7.99
Now I know this completely contradicts me saying that I dislike ‘in your face’ scarfs but there is something that I can’t help but love this scarf. I like how there is a mixture of red and pink roses and it’ll be perfect when I want to add a pop of colour if I’m wearing pretty much all one colour.
2Pk Black 40 Denier Tights – £4.99
I go through tights like it’s nobodies business simply because I always end up catching them with either my nails or jewellery so I always stock up on tights however I have never bought any tights from New Look. I’ve always bought them in Primark because they’re cheap and cheerful. Also, these are a two pack so if they’re better than the Primark ones then I can stock up on them!
Black Quilted Twist Lock Purse – £9.99
I have been looking for a new purse for quite some time and this one stood out to me like a sore thumb! I love the gold detail and the fact that it has a twist lock, I’m forever finding notes at the bottom of my bag from when it falls out of my purse. Which as you can imagine is quite a scary feeling when you realise you’ve somehow lost £40 between walking from an ATM to Costa before going on a shopping trip with the girls!

Are there any items you have your little beady eye on? All I can say is that I cannot wait until payday!

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