Jemma Kidd I-Define Mascara

You can’t buy it online… I wonder why?!

May I just start off with… THIS IS AWFUL! I got this free with a magazine a little while back and I have only just started using it every so often. The whole look of the packaging screams tacky and the formula of the mascara supports that. So let’s just break this down bit by bit.
  • The brush is way too big for the tube so if there is any remaining mascara on the brush when you go to put it back in the tube it goes literally everywhere!
  • The mascara goes on extremely clumpy and makes all my lashes looks like one big super lash!
  • The mascara dries and flakes which gives you that lovely ‘I’ve just been punched in the eye’ look.
  • It smells a little funky too.
Also to put the cherry on the cake, I had the most horrendous reaction to this mascara, it made my eyes puff up, turned the whites of my eyes scarlet and they wouldn’t stop watering until I removed it.
So this is by far the worst mascara I have ever used and it now has a lovely new home in the bin!
If you’ve tried this mascara tell me your opinions on it, maybe I just had a bad one who knows but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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