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So we are on week three of the BritishBloggerSelection themes and this week is all about my favourite place to shop for clothes. Which is quite possibly one of the most exciting topics for me because I use any excuse I possibly can to go clothes shopping. So here are my top three stores for clothes.

1. New Look

I absolutely ADORE New Look! Their Spring/Summer clothing was a bit of a miss for me however now that their Autumn/Winter collection is out I have fallen madly in-love with them again! I have done a post on my New Look wish list which you can see here. I have quite a small store in my town so whenever I go to Taunton or Yeovil I have a field day! I just feel sorry for Steve because I can spend nearly an hour just looking around! I’ve recently done quite a big shop in New Look and there will be a haul on my YouTube channel very soon.
2. Forever 21
I have bought quite a few little bits from Forever 21 and so far every piece has been absolutely perfect! One thing that I love about their website is that they tell you the measurements of the items (based on size small) which is quite handy because then you can figure out what size you’ll need. Usually, I am a 12 which is a medium-large with most companies however with Forever 21 I’m a small in most of their items which is a slight confidence booster.
3. eBay

Now I know eBay isn’t a clothing store however they do have a fashion outlet where you can find some absolute gems! Also, there are brands such as American Apparel, BooHoo, H&M, Urban Outfitters and much more. Some items are second hand however some are actually from the company themselves which are on sale! So it’s always good to keep an eye on the Fashion Gallery because that’s where you will get the best deals!
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  1. These are basically the only places i shop! i love primark too! haha


  2. Same! Although I haven't been in Primark for ages! Need to make a trip soon

  3. i like to buy @ ebay. Makes my clothing stylish and fashionable.

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