My First Purchase: Blank Canvas Cosmetics

I would like to start off by saying Happy New Year and as it is a new year things are going to be starting to change! Blogging more frequently will be one of them, so here is the first post of the year! After quite a few months on planning to buy a few things from Blank Canvas Cosmetics, I took the plunge in November and I am more than pleased with the items I ordered.

About Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Blank Canvas Cosmetics are an online cosmetics brand based in Ireland. They sell excellent makeup palettes, brushes and beauty blenders at affordable prices.

The packaging

One thing that I will say is that they make sure that their items get to you in perfect condition and the amount of packaging that surround the items proves that! It was literally one bag inside another then surrounded by three more layers of bubble wrap!
What I bought

I bought the Face Perfection Kit 1, which includes a 12 piece my face and eye pro deluxe professional brush kit, contour/highlight kit and an airbrush blender.

My thoughts so far

The airbrush blender has been a winner for me so far, it applies my foundation so smoothly which leaves my skin looking flawless! In the past with brushes, I have found that some can make my foundation look a little cakey and stuck to my skin. However with the airbrush blender works the foundation into my skin so seamlessly it’s amazing! I haven’t tried the face brushes yet however I have used the eye brushes and so far I am quite pleased, they’re not as soft as my Real Techniques, however, I think after a few washes they will become less stiff! As for the contour/highlight kit, I recently went away so I only packed the basics and I took this kit with me. It was my setting powder and my eyeshadow so I would say that it is a great multi-tasking kit!
Once I have been using the entire set for a few months, I will do an individual review for everything. All in all, I will most likely purchase more items from Blank Canvas Cosmetics in the future.
Have you got any items from Blank Canvas Cosmetics? If so, what are your thoughts about them?

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