How To Keep Yourself Motivated To Lose Weight!

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to stick to a new fitness routine or keeping to eating healthy. Motivation can be found all around you, you just have to open your eyes to see it!
Starting a new fitness routine? That’s simple! Everytime you feel unmotivated and you want to reach for that slice of cake or a big bag of sweets think of why you wanted to start getting into shape and think how unhappy you will feel when you get to your goal date and haven’t achieved that much. Failing that, turn to the Internet! I have found Instagram is the best for motivational quotes and stories, you are in the same boat as thousands around the world so why not help each other out by sharing your story, it could motivate them to keep going.

Something I have found beneficial is keeping track of my steps, what I eat and drink throughout the day and what exercises I do. For that, I have some apps which I use on a daily basis to keep track of it all click here for more details! With a lot of fitness apps, you can follow your friends so it can become something you do as a group and you can also make some friends along the way.
As for sticking to a healthy diet, if you are in the UK then it is a little more difficult as junk food is often a lot cheaper than making yourself a salad which is where a lot of people on a budget tend to trip and fall. On average a ready meal is around £3.60 however if you wanted to make yourself a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and chicken then it would cost you £6 (from Sainsbury’s). I know America probably has it a lot worse however it makes no sense if America is the ‘fattest country’ then why is fast food a lot cheaper than food that is good for you and full of health benefits. A little off topic but you see what I mean? If you can afford to have healthy meals with lots of veggies and lean meats every day then you will see results a lot quicker because it is what your body is craving, if not then don’t worry! As long as you keep to the ‘5 fruit and veg a day’ rule then it can make the world of difference. However, that doesn’t mean you can have a big ol’ greasy burger every other day because it has some tomato and lettuce in it because it won’t count and chances are you’ll just get bigger and increase your risk of illness!
I am no expert with the world of fitness and health, however, these are just some ideas that have worked for me. Are there any ways you keep yourself motivated?

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