Hello Again, I’ve Missed You!

So, hey everyone. I am still alive and I haven’t forgotten about you guys, I’ve had to deal with both good and bad news lately… So I shall explain my absence.
I guess I’ll start with the biggest news, me and Steve broke up after being together for over 3 years. This happened in April and I made myself quite ill over it. In a week I had lost just under a stone in weight simply because the only feeling I had was sadness, other than that I was completely numb! However thanks to the support of my wonderful friends and family I am now back on my feet, eating properly and focusing on those who make me happy and have stood by my side since the beginning. Even though our relationship fell apart and it hurts me to say it but it was for the best… There’s no point in forcing a relationship if it’s not working and you’re just hurting each other as the result of it! I feel a lot happier in myself and feel that I have the freedom to do and be who I want to be. We’ve agreed to stay friends, so not all is lost.
On a lighter note, I got a second job! I started on the 2nd of April and it’s another shop job, however, it is a family run business. Which is another big reason why I haven’t been around because I have been working pretty much every day since! I decided to take on another job because it’s going to be my 21st in September and I would love to have my own little place by then. I know I will be like a little kid in a sweet shop when I go homeware shopping! So you’ll have a lot of home-themed hauls to look forward to!
Lastly, there is a new baby in the family! A beautiful little girl called Layla, she was born on the 17th of April and she is perfect! So I now have 4 nephews and 2 nieces, Christmas is going to be fun! Whenever I hold a newborn they always seem to cry but when my brother put Layla in my arms she was silent and slept the whole time I was holding her (a good hour or so) it makes me feel like I want to have my own little family in the future but right now I need to let my hair down and explore the world!
So that’s my little update! I will try my very hardest to film a few videos and keep a steady upload rate. If you would like me to write a post on how to deal with a break-up or anything then I will. I hope you’re all well and I’ll speak to you soon.

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