I’m Back.. Again!

So let’s have a little catch up.. I have been without broadband for the past month or so and I am now getting proper broadband installed on the August 21st and I am ridiculously excited! Throughout my whole internet journey, I’ve had to rely on my phones internet and my Three dongle to be able to upload videos and blog posts however that method has become quite unreliable lately so I have bitten the bullet and thought I’d just fork out the money to get internet installed into my room! I decided to go with BT as they were A. the cheapest and B. I got a free £75 voucher for Sainsbury’s.. I’m a sucker for free stuff okay?! However this isn’t just a post about me finally getting broadband, this is a post about a new schedule I will be following.
Lately, I have been having a lot of ‘me time’ due to Steve and I spending our Fridays apart to see friends and pursue our hobbies. Seeing as my hobby is writing my blog and uploading videos to my channel, I thought I would take advantage of this time to put some love and energy back into my blog and YouTube channel. This doesn’t mean that I will be able to upload a new video every week because my time in the week is still limited due to my 2 jobs however I will try my very best to keep a more regular upload rate. As for my blog, I plan to write a post every Friday evening as I finish work at 18:30 on a Friday. So that gives me plenty of time to get all snug in my jim-jams and write a post or two.
Fingers crossed my new schedule will work out and not fail like me other attempts however now I know my internet shouldn’t be a problem it’s all down to me to make it happen! Roll on the 21st!

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