Why Hello 2015!

As we wave goodbye to yet another year we start to make lists with huge changes we want to achieve in the next.. Mine is to keep on top of my blogging and making sure I keep on top of it, but how many times have I promised that?! It annoys me how many times I keep going back on my word, however, this time I am determined to do it!
So my first official post of 2015 will be a ‘2015 bucket list’ that I will be crossing off one by one and fingers crossed, by the time 2016 hits I will have achieved everything that I’ve wanted to do.. So here we go!

  1. Visit London 
  2. Get my new car
  3. Go to a gig or festival
  4. Go to Harry Potter World
  5. Make more videos and post more on my blog
  6. Start saving for my first home
  7. Reach weight goals
  8. Go to Thorpe Park/Alton Towers 
  9. Go on more little holidays in the UK 
It’s only a small list, however, it’s things that I have wanted to do for a long time, so let’s hope 2015 is kind to me! I will keep you guys as up to date as I can and hopefully upload a few vlogs to capture these moments! I hope you have a fantastic new year and achieve everything you wish to.. Good luck!

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