How to Boost Your Happiness

So lately I have been feeling on top of the world with many things in my life and I’ve found myself feeling a lot happier! So I thought I’d share the things that I have tweaked to boost my overall happiness and confidence.

Stop caring and be you
I have been the worst person for this too many times.. I have obsessed over my body image, the way I smile, laugh, talk and the way I come across in general up until now! I still have moments where I’m uncomfortable with my body image, but I am trying to change that and I’ve come a long way since I started my weight loss journey and wanted to take better care of my body.. Yes, I do still have chunky thighs, but I’m growing to like them because well.. They won’t go! But even doing regular workouts will help boost your mood, I feel great when I’m keeping up with a healthy routine and when I see the results I feel even better!
Throughout my school life, I was told that I was fat, ugly and generally worthless and I took every word to heart and it still makes me feel terrible from time to time, however a valuable lesson I have learnt is that peoples opinions of you do not define you! Since adopting that way of thinking I have become a lot happier with the way I look and I’m nowhere near as self-conscious of myself as I used to be.
Get rid of toxic relationships

Be it friendships or relationships if you are in a position where they are continually putting you down instead of picking you up, then you need to ditch them as soon as you can! Once you get rid of all the negativity out of your life, you’ll feel a lot happier.. Luckily I didn’t have to leave many people behind because I have a truly amazing friendship group that I know I can rely on through thick and thin.

Another thing I have realised is, no matter how hard you try to stay in someones life, how much you bend over backwards for them.. If you’re the only one trying to make an effort, then there’s no point in trying anymore.. They’ve already made their decision, save yourself and walk away!
Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams

No matter how big or small your dreams are, it may take time to achieve but nothing is impossible! My goal in life is to be able to live comfortably without having to worry about money, have my own house and to have general success! However, I can’t achieve that by sitting on my ass all day doing nothing which is why I have two jobs and work as much as I possibly can. I can honestly say I love working as much as I do because I really can see me getting closer to my goal with every payday! Of course, I leave myself enough time to have with my friends in my days off when I can because it’s important to have a good balance of work and play.

So many things can bring you happiness, even if it is sitting on YouTube for hours watching cat videos! The point is, do whatever makes you happy and screw what anyone else thinks!

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