Life Update of 2015!

Hello my Munchkins! I know, usual story.. I vanished off the face of the earth again *sigh* However here I am again with exciting news and new life opportunities for me.. Where to begin?!
Do you remember back to a little post I wrote in January about all the things I want to achieve by 2016? Well, in the next few months I will be able to scratch off at least 4 of them and I am so excited!
The one I’m most excited for.. Stepping up the ladder in work! Finally.. I’m back down to just the one job however it gives me more time to get my training up so I can officially become a team leader. I have worked my ass off to get where I am, to the point where I ended up doing 12-hour shifts most days for a week or so when I’m on a part-time contract of 10 hours a week.. Was a little bad for my health, but it showed my determination to get somewhere within the Co-Op, plus my wages were making my savings account look pretty healthy! Which leads me to the next exciting thing..
I am a payday or two away from being able to get my car!! As much as I love my little bubble (I drive a C1) she’s just not as appealing to me lately and as I plan to do a lot more driving through work and pleasure it makes sense for me to upgrade! I plan to get a Ford Fiesta.. I’ve wanted a Fiesta (09 plate upwards) since learning to drive as that’s the car I took my lessons in and that started my little love for them.. I find them quite pretty to look at, drive nicely and rather comfy! I’m just torn what colour to get.. Either way, she will be named depending on that.. Yes, I’m one of those sad people who name their cars!
As for the third thing, if you’ve watched my most recent video or follow me on Instagram then you will know that I went to the Harry Potter studios in London a few weekends ago as well as staying overnight in London then visiting Camden the next day.. Firstly, Camden is my kind of place! Such a variety of clothing, home decor and food you can find in one small section.. I fell in love with one store in particular called Sai Sai, metal was blaring from the speakers, gorgeous corsets on pretty much every wall and a beautiful collection of masquerade masks.. When I go back, I know my bank balance will be sore but it’ll be so worth it!
And that is pretty much it for now, once I have my car then I will start to save to move out which I am so excited for! Everything really is starting to fall into place.. My happiness has gone through the roof due to the people I currently have in my life and with all of this happening, it’s a little hard for me not to feel on top of the world! So I hope your 2015 is going as well as mine if not.. Don’t worry about it! There’s still plenty of time to turn things around. Speak again soon..

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