Okay.. I Have Had Enough!

Today’s post isn’t going to be a normal, happy post.. It’s going to be about social media hate and how pathetic I find it! I’ve always received unnecessary hate from pretty much every angle and in all honesty, I don’t get it, what do people get out of it?! I am a very thick skinned person so I don’t let them bother me; however, I’m thinking of all the ones who aren’t able to cope with things and take it all to heart.

I have been called all sorts over the three years I have been posting on the internet, mostly on Twitter. I HATE how Twitter deals with hate accounts.. Well, they don’t! Even if you block or report an account absolutely nothing happens because it doesn’t ‘go against their guidelines’ even though I have had death threats and been told to kill myself.. I’m sorry, but how is that allowed within these ‘guidelines’?! Luckily I have had 20 odd years of learning how to deal with this shit, but what about young teens? I know for a fact that if I was dealing with this whilst I was still in school, I wouldn’t be able to deal with it as well as I am.
The most recent platform I’ve been getting ‘hated’ on is Instagram, now they are much better at dealing with accounts that are abusive. You can delete and report their comments as well as block the account and there’s no way they can get to you again using that account. It’s so much better!
Here’s a snippet of the things I’ve been waking up to lately..
I have had so much more, but I’ve only just started screenshot them.. It’s always the same sort of thing said which make me think it’s either a huge coincidence or there is only one person behind that screen. Either way.. I am so sick and tired of it! The comments are nothing but vile and total bullshit! I have a boyfriend who loves me for exactly who I am, I’m surrounded by friends and family, I’m a size 10/12 so how is that obese?! It’s just so frustrating that people have nothing better to do than try to drag others down to their level.
Twitter needs to up their game by letting you control the content you are mentioned in and give you the option to delete any replies that you find abusive. I’ve had to set my Twitter to private which is a shame, but I cannot be bothered to keep having to block all these accounts yet nothing really happens!
I cannot be alone in this, something needs to change otherwise more tragedies are going to happen through trolling. It’s not fair on those who feel like they’re going through it alone and believe that ending their lives is the only solution when they have so much to live for! At the end of the day it is still bullying and it needs to stop.
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