Three Things I’ve Learned..

Since the beginning of 2016, a lot of things have changed in my life.. Luckily, all for the better, but along the way, I have learned a few lessons!
Holding on is a lot more painful than letting go.. So my previous relationship ended quite some time ago now and looking back on it, even though there were a few good happy memories that remained.. A lot of the times it felt like we were together just for the sake of it and it was part of our daily routine. The problem was we just grew out of each other I think. We wanted different things, nothing was really happening and back then I hoped things would change, but they didn’t. You CANNOT change someones way of thinking, so step one.. Get that delusion out of your head! Most importantly, if you are in a relationship and you’re spending more of your time being upset, then maybe it’s time to let go.. I’m not talking a few days, I’m talking more months! It may seem like a horrible thought at first, but believe me.. You’ll be much happier in the long run!
Take photos of anything and everything.. My current boyfriend is an absolute dream! He has a lot of amazing traits, but the lesson he’s taught me is to capture more memories.. Since the beginning, he’s always getting sneak photos of me and making these cute little collages and it’s the sweetest thing ever! The amount of random little walks we’ve done and the beautiful little hideaways he’s showed me is incredible! So I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to take photos of these places, his pup Millie and us just being silly. My phone has been full of photos until recently when I put them all on my laptop.. I had around 200 photos of all the little trips we’ve gone on and Snapchat screenshots (Snapchat filters are so entertaining!). For our little adventures and my everyday life, I have created another Instagram.. @_velvetfox_ is my main account and my second is @_thevelvetdiaries_. I’ve only just created the account so there aren’t many posts yet, but it’s a working progress!  
Stop stressing yourself over things that don’t really matter.. I’ve been letting myself get stressed about work when really I should leave it at those automatic doors once I leave.. There have been a lot of changes in my store and it’s frustrating when you have two new managers in your store and they’re tying to alter everything all at once and it’s just not working. I do feel sorry for my boyfriend because I do bombard him with all the things that have annoyed me that day and bless him, he just sits and listens to me go on about all this bullsh*t that isn’t really important! As much as I’m trying to switch off to what’s happening on the level above me, I still can’t help but get involved sometimes and make it my business and that is what I need to stop doing as much. I’m still working on this one, but I have got better.. I think.. Hmm.
The moral of this post is don’t stay unhappy for the sake of it, be with someone or around people that make you smile without trying and just relax.. Everything will be fine!
So what’s new with me? Well, I’m currently house hunting with my boyfriend which is all very exciting and frustrating at the same time! Each time we seem to find somewhere we like it’s either gone or the photos are very misleading! We’ll get there though.. Hopefully! Another biggie is that I’m wearing glasses now! I don’t have to wear them all the time, but they help with the headaches and blurry vision I tend to get when I’m at work or I’ve been focused on a screen for too long. Oh and like the rest of the world, I‘m loving Pokémon Go! I’ve lost a bit of weight with all the walking around we‘ve been doing so it’s a useful little app!

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