In Times Of Sorrow.. | Losing my Uncle

The horrible thing about life is every living thing has to die at some point, sadly it’s inevitable. Last week I lost my uncle and receiving that news was heartbreaking.. I went cold, sat on the floor from where I was stood and just sobbed my little heart out. The worst thing was that I couldn’t be with my family because I was still expected to work! It’s the first close family death I’ve gone through and it’s so tough. No matter how much you want to wake up from that nightmare, you can’t wake up from reality.

It’s been a week already since he passed and it still doesn’t feel real.. I always saw my uncle as invincible, he had cancer for many years however he never let it get him down and he was always the same jolly person everyone knew and loved dearly! I have many fond memories and a few silly photos which captured how he was perfectly and nobody can take that away.

Losing a family member, close friend or even a pet can leave a huge hole in your heart and no amount of time will change that.. It’ll only get bearable but as long as you have all the memories you shared then they’ll always be with you.

– R.I.P Uncle Alan –

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