Painting Our Stairway

So over the past few weeks, Tobs and I have been giving our little house a bit of a makeover! This post will be showing you what we did to brighten our stairway.



As you can see our bannister used to have a dark varnish on the wood which I wasn’t overly keen on because I felt it made the area feel a little dark and small, not only that but it was also scratched in places and faded so it had to go!


We borrowed a sander from Tobs’ dad and started to sand off as much varnish as possible!, well I say we.. Mainly Tobs! I would definitely recommend getting some sort of dust sheet to catch the dust whether it be old bedding or you get some Diall Polythene Dust Sheets 3pk (£5) like we did because you will need it as the dust gets everywhere!!



Once Tobs had got as much varnish off as possible we then hoovered and wiped down the bannister before painting!

Now for the fun part.. The painting! We used Colours One Coat Interior ‘Antique White’ Gloss Paint 750ml (£13.20). We didn’t pick up a can of primer as the tin said it wasn’t needed but after three coats we got the finish I was after! For a small can there is still loads left so I’m going to go round the house and refresh our door frames and window sills with the same paint!

I’m really happy with it so far although I’m undecided whether to paint the skirting board white or leave it varnished as it is.. We’ve done two other projects which I’ll add posts about in the next few weeks!
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