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Penclic R3 | Is It Worth It?

I was kindly sent the Penclic R3 to test out and I think it deserves a review.  You’re probably wondering ‘what the hell am I looking at?!’ and when I was first approached I thought the same. The Penclic R3 is a total rethink to the regular computer mouse we have all used for years however with the pen-like design it is meant to protect you from RSI (repetitive strain injury) and give you a little more control of your cursor. Another bonus is that right and left handed people can use the same mouse just by changing your mouse settings in your control panel.

Penclic R3
How it works

Like any other laser mouse, you still have to push it around your desk which looking at it I thought the movement of the pen would control! It takes a little getting used to as movement is so responsive, the smallest of movements can send your cursor to the top of the screen meaning it’s great on a desk with little space. You still have your left and right clicks as well as the scroll wheel. So really it’s no different to a standard mouse just looks different.

My experience

I could use the Penclic R3 straight out of the box, it’s powered by a rechargeable AAA battery which was supplied! All I had to do was plug the little dongle into my laptop, press and hold the buttons on both the dongle and R3 and I was ready to go.  As I have a laptop it’s a little useless to me unless I am playing Sims 4 and to be fair compared to a regular mouse the movement is very smooth! I just struggled with the clicks as when I’m trying to left click more often than not I was clicking the right which wasn’t too helpful however I think that’ll be a trial and error type thing. One of the things I didn’t like too much was how lightweight it is, meaning you could easily knock it over.. Which is no real big problem other than being a little annoying.

Penclic R3

Is the Penclic R3 worth it?

If you suffer from RSI or have to use computer mouse all day then I would definitely recommend this mouse as you have to put in so little movement to move your cursor. As for me because I use a laptop I can’t say it would be an everyday essential.. I could only see myself using it to play Sims 4. Then again if you work with Photoshop this might be beneficial for you as the precision is great!

So in conclusion, the Penclic R3 is worth the price tag if you suffer from RSI or if you’re looking for a stylus alternative if you’re using Photoshop or something similar just not so much for the everyday user.

Where to buy

Amazon – £66.72Posturite – £59.99

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*Disclaimer* Even though I was sent this product, the opinions are 100% my own and I chose to write the review.

(Prices correct at time of posting)

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