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Since YouTube’s announcement a few days ago, I think it’s time for a little chat.. If you’re a small creator then you will know YouTube is enforcing new guidelines on the 20th of February. If you’re unaware or don’t own a channel, the new rules involve having 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours worth of view time over the past year. Once you have reached this goal, you will be considered to monetise your content once again.

I’m a very small creator in the grand scheme of things and a little inconsistent, but despite that the videos I upload I have worked hard on. There’s always a lot of planning involved before switching on the camera. You sit and edit the same section over and over again to make sure your words don’t overlap or the music doesn’t drown out your voice (if you can find good royalty-free music!) Just generally a lot of work happens behind the scenes but apparently, that’s not good enough for YouTube. Since the Logan Paul incident, YouTube has been trying to redeem themselves by trying to make YouTube a ‘safer place’.. How is penalising smaller channels meant to make YouTube safer?! Clearly it’s the bigger YouTubers they need to crack down on but will that happen? Of course not, because that’s where YouTube make their money!

The most upsetting thing since this has all come about is I have seen so many tweets where smaller creators are completely disheartened by the new rules.. Myself included! Like I mention in my video below I think creators should still be allowed to earn a little pocket money from the videos previously uploaded (once reviewed) then if you post anything past the 20th of February the rules start with your new content. At least that way you wouldn’t feel like it’s all been a huge waste of time! Luckily thanks to everyone banding together on Twitter with sub-for-sub threads channels have flourished.. Although with the 4000 hour view time requirement in place as well, I’m not sure if it will be doable for every creator unless we all have a YouTube marathon (I’ll bring the popcorn!).

I was so excited to come back to YouTube this year, especially considering we have a little bundle on the way. I’m finally at a place where I am happy with the way my blog looks and I enjoy creating content for it, this year was my channels turn to be revamped! Even with this set back I plan to continue making videos, probably adopting the more relaxed approach like this video as opposed to spending a good 30mins plus setting up lighting, the camera, my background then noticing my Canon 600D was out of focus the whole time *sigh*.. A little side note, I’m so impressed with the Canon G7X Mark II it’s the camera I’ve filmed a few of my videos on and I adore it! Anyway, back to the post!

Sadly it isn’t just YouTube that’s screwing us over, Instagram have been doing it for the past year with its algorithms. All it’s doing is keeping the well-known creators at the top whilst pushing us further down. Growth on Instagram has hit a bit of a wall because of this, especially with the follow-unfollow game so many like to play just to get ahead. Luckily, Twitter is the only social media that has stayed true to us and treats every account fairly. Not only that but it is bursting with so many lovely supporting people I’ve been lucky enough to class as my friends.. I’m in a group with some lovely girls, especially Jess (queensapphire.co.uk). Since the get-go she’s always supported and helped me if I needed advice. Even though I can’t talk in the chat every day I still flick through every so often and it makes my day.

I’m only a small creator with a small voice.. Although if anyone from YouTube happens to stumble upon this, however doubtful that may be.. Please take privileges away from those who break the rules rather than those who dream.

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  1. I completely agree with you, it’s making things so difficult. I don’t make any videos really and thought maybe this year would be the year to start but it really has disuaded me from even bothering. I’ve subscribed and liked and followed and hope you keep doing all that you’re doing 😁 Congrats on the baby on the way also xx

    1. It’s a shame because YouTube used to be such a great platform but seems to be going downhill with every change they make. I think you should still do it even though YouTube is being an ass haha! Thank you 🧡 xx

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