I’m Officially In The Third Trimester

We’re Officially In The Third Trimester!!

This week I am official 26 weeks pregnant meaning I’m officially in the third trimester and it’s only a few months until we meet our little boy! The baby prep has definitely begun and it’s making me so excited it’s unreal.. Seeing as I haven’t been posting much this month I thought I’d give you guys a bit of an update on how things are going and a little baby haul!! I’ve also been putting a lot of time into my Depop too so please check that out!

I’m Officially In The Third Trimester

How’s the third trimester going?

I’m still feeling absolutely amazing! My only pregnancy complaint is the heartburn but thank the gods for Gaviscon!! I’ve been chugging that stuff like it’s milkshake, horrible tasting milkshake.. But it helps me get to sleep and put out the burning fire that’s in my throat when I lay down so swings and roundabouts right? I’m feeling our little bean move every day and it’s the weirdest most amazing feeling ever.. His movement patterns seem to change so when he decides to have a little wriggle around it tends to catch me off guard. The best part is that his movements are now strong enough to see and properly feel from the outside, I love just laying on the sofa and watching my tummy push up in places. My belly button is no longer an innie nor an outie, it’s stuck somewhere in between and sometimes I swear little bean is poking it as a way of waving 😂

Body confidence

A big thing I did want to talk about was body confidence.. When I was in the early weeks of pregnancy I watched a fair few pregnancy vlogs and a common thing mentioned was a lack of body confidence. See if anything I am the most body confident I have been in YEARS! I’ve always floated around being a size 12 and definitely throughout my teen years I saw that as being ‘fat’ when in reality I really wasn’t.. I look back at photos from when I was in school, turned 18 and even photos from a few years back and I still don’t see where I got the mindset of being ‘fat’. A lot of it is because I have wide hips so I used to see that being big but I can’t change my bone structure! Being pregnant has taught me to love my body more.. I’m growing a little human with it and that is pretty amazing!

Bump at 23 weeks pregnant

When I look at my body in the mirror, my mind doesn’t tell me “you’re looking a bit chubs today love, maybe don’t wear that skirt” instead I’ve learnt to embrace my chunky thighs and big ass! Yeah, I’m small chested but boobs are just lumps of fat so what does it matter?! Being pregnant has really changed me and I’m so grateful that I’ve had a total mindset reset!

What we’ve bought so far

As you all will know I am very excited for this baby, but Toby is a whole new level!! Over the past month, we’ve got a fair amount of bits for our little boy and the house already feels almost baby ready which puts my mind at ease! So we’ve bought two of the big baby purchases which is the travel system and where he’ll be sleeping!

So the travel system we went for was the Graco Evo Avant Breton Stripe Pushchair, matching Carry Cot and the Graco Snugride i-Size Car Seat with Base. Let me tell you something.. Travel systems are PRICEY! Not only that but a little confusing so I went to a mums page forum on Facebook and asked what travel systems other parents would recommend and I wouldn’t have to sell an arm to afford. Luckily one of the lovely ladies messaged me to say she was selling her travel system because her baby had grown out of it, as soon as the photos came through I fell in love with it! If you remember a little while ago I mentioned a changing bag I bought in my first baby haul post, it matches this travel system PERFECTLY!!

If we had bought this travel system brand new from Mothercare it would have cost us £685 however we only paid £200!! Yes, you read that right £200!! You wouldn’t think it was second hand because it’s in such a great condition. I know some mums or mums-to-be would turn their nose up as the idea of having something like this second hand but I wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t in the condition it’s in.

Graco Evo Avant Pushchair - Breton Stripe

Then we have the Moses basket.. This fills my heart with so much happiness every time I look at it! So we got the Teddy’s Toy Box Moses Basket and the Mothercare White Gliding Moses Basket Stand which would have been £125 together! Although the little bargain hunter in me found a brilliant deal! Both items cost me £35 together second hand, in perfect condition! Yaaas!

Teddy's toy box moses basket and gliding moses basket stand

The lady I bought it from also kindly gave me the little Winnie the Pooh teddy that’s in there as well as a little baby grow too. The fox is one of the items Toby bought and you can find it here (Amazon) of course little bean had to have at least one fox teddy!

We’ve also been stocking up on clothing, muslin cloths and a few other random bits.. I’m planning on filming a video including those bits so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you’d like to see that!


I’ve been on Depop for quite some time now and recently I’ve really got into it! I’ve totally rebranded my store to match in with my blog and Instagram plus I’ve been using the money from sales as extra pocket money to spend on our baby. So please check out my store (@thevelvetfox) if you’re interested in 3 or more of my items then you’ll get 30% off your bundle! Let me know if you’ve found my Depop through my blog and postage will be free as well as the 30% off (£10 minimum bundle spend). I’m also on Vinted with the same name if you prefer Vinted.



I’m going to end this post here and as we get closer to the arrival to our little boy I’ll be adding more posts so stay tuned!

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