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My Birth Story

Hi everyone!! So the last you knew I was three months away from having my son but I am proud to announce that he is finally here!! We decided to call him Elliot Peter Andrews and he was born on the 23rd of June which means he’s already TWO MONTHS OLD?! I want time to slow down.. Just a little bit! In this post, I thought I would tell you a few extra details that I didn’t mention in my video (watch now) just so I’m not just repeating myself. Also whilst I’m here, I’ve set myself a goal to reach 300 subscribers within a month.. So if you’re a fan of hauls, challenges and vlogs then check out my channel (here).

How we settled on his name

You’ll never know how many people you dislike until you’re naming a child! We went through LOADS of names before finally getting to ‘Elliot’ and a few of the names I really liked, Toby hated.. We decided on ‘Elliot’ fairly close to his arrival and kept it a secret until he was here and it was one of Toby’s suggestions. My mind of course instantly went to E.T at first but the more I thought about it, the more I fell in love with it! As for his middle name, ‘Peter’ he is named after my dad! As I am his only child I thought it would be a nice way for him to be included seeing as Elliot would be taking Tobys surname. Whatever Elliot’s first name was going to be, I was adamant to have his middle name as ‘Peter’!

Will you be having any more children?

We plan on having one more but not for at least three years I think! Then Elliot will be out of the ‘terrible twos’ stage, hopefully.. As my entire pregnancy and birth weren’t complicated I would happily do it all over again, however, I want to wait until my body is ready and we’ve moved to a bigger house!

How has Luna reacted to Elliot?

Luna absolutely ADORES him! When we first brought him home she wouldn’t sleep anywhere but under his Moses basket and she still does that now! It’s cute because Elliot is becoming really aware of his surroundings so he spends a lot of his time watching Luna play with her toys, I can’t wait to watch them grow up together!

Baby and Husky

I’m thinking of adding a mum section to my blog and YouTube but I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea but, if you’d like to see my experience with certain things or items I wouldn’t do without then let me know!

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