Three Things I’ve Learned..

Since the beginning of 2016, a lot of things have changed in my life.. Luckily, all for the better, but along the way, I have learned a few lessons!
Holding on is a lot more painful than letting go.. So my previous relationship ended quite some time ago now and looking back on it, even though there were a few good happy memories that remained.. A lot of the times it felt like we were together just for the sake of it and it was part of our daily routine. The problem was we just grew out of each other I think. We wanted different things, nothing was really happening and back then I hoped things would change, but they didn’t. You CANNOT change someones way of thinking, so step one.. Get that delusion out of your head! Most importantly, if you are in a relationship and you’re spending more of your time being upset, then maybe it’s time to let go.. I’m not talking a few days, I’m talking more months! It may seem like a horrible thought at first, but believe me.. You’ll be much happier in the long run!
Take photos of anything and everything.. My current boyfriend is an absolute dream! He has a lot of amazing traits, but the lesson he’s taught me is to capture more memories.. Since the beginning, he’s always getting sneak photos of me and making these cute little collages and it’s the sweetest thing ever! The amount of random little walks we’ve done and the beautiful little hideaways he’s showed me is incredible! So I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to take photos of these places, his pup Millie and us just being silly. My phone has been full of photos until recently when I put them all on my laptop.. I had around 200 photos of all the little trips we’ve gone on and Snapchat screenshots (Snapchat filters are so entertaining!). For our little adventures and my everyday life, I have created another Instagram.. @_velvetfox_ is my main account and my second is @_thevelvetdiaries_. I’ve only just created the account so there aren’t many posts yet, but it’s a working progress!  
Stop stressing yourself over things that don’t really matter.. I’ve been letting myself get stressed about work when really I should leave it at those automatic doors once I leave.. There have been a lot of changes in my store and it’s frustrating when you have two new managers in your store and they’re tying to alter everything all at once and it’s just not working. I do feel sorry for my boyfriend because I do bombard him with all the things that have annoyed me that day and bless him, he just sits and listens to me go on about all this bullsh*t that isn’t really important! As much as I’m trying to switch off to what’s happening on the level above me, I still can’t help but get involved sometimes and make it my business and that is what I need to stop doing as much. I’m still working on this one, but I have got better.. I think.. Hmm.
The moral of this post is don’t stay unhappy for the sake of it, be with someone or around people that make you smile without trying and just relax.. Everything will be fine!
So what’s new with me? Well, I’m currently house hunting with my boyfriend which is all very exciting and frustrating at the same time! Each time we seem to find somewhere we like it’s either gone or the photos are very misleading! We’ll get there though.. Hopefully! Another biggie is that I’m wearing glasses now! I don’t have to wear them all the time, but they help with the headaches and blurry vision I tend to get when I’m at work or I’ve been focused on a screen for too long. Oh and like the rest of the world, I‘m loving Pokémon Go! I’ve lost a bit of weight with all the walking around we‘ve been doing so it’s a useful little app!

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Update of 2016

Hello everyone, so once again I vanished.. However a lot of things have changed since the last time I posted anything, so I shall start with the biggest news. After almost 5yrs of being together, myself and Steve have parted ways, which is the main reason why I haven’t been posting anything.. We’ve been apart for a little under four months and I will admit, things were hard to begin with, but I threw myself into my work and friends to keep me going. As it stands now I am back to my old bubbly self with a whole new lease happiness in front of me with many new adventures!

The second biggest news is.. I HAVE MY NEW CAR!! After a year of saving, I finally have it.. Now have a Vauxhall Corsa SE and I am in love with it! Mainly because it has heated seats and steering wheel so no more driving with an ice wheel for me.. Not that it’s cold anymore thanks to this lovely spring weather we’ve been having recently, but it’s a nice thing to have just in case. I have named my car Quinn after Harley Quinn, does that make me sad that I name my cars? Either way, I love my car and I am so happy to finally have something to show for all the hard work I’ve done.
The third and final bit of big news is that I am moments away from becoming a team leader! Something else I’ve been working towards over the past year and I’m glad it’s finally paying off. I’m yet to find my footing to which store I will be in, but that’s a decision I need to make and consider all the pros and cons for each in the next month or so.
On a smaller scale, you may notice that this blog is no longer called ‘SophieBlogs’, I decided to have a little blog rebranding and in theory start from scratch! So my blog, TwitterInstagram and Facebook all have new names.
So that’s about it right now.. 2016 has definitely been a mixed bag of a year so far, but things have only been getting better lately so I’m looking forward to the rest of this year to see what else it has in for me.

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September Love List | 2015

I’ve taken a little inspiration from InTheFrow and decided to change my monthly favourites to a monthly love list so it’ll be more of a mixture of what I’ve been loving throughout the month.. So let’s get into it

Hair and Beauty

Tresemme Salon Sleek Frizz Control Spray
I’ve been trying to grow my hair for the past two months, so I have ditched my straighteners and started plaiting my hair before I go to sleep, however, because my hair goes quite frizzy straight out of plaits I needed a little help. My hairdresser recommended this, I didn’t have too high hopes because I’ve tried a lot of anti-frizz products and nothing worked, so I was surprised when this actually helped! It contains Argan oil, which usually I stay away from as it can make my hair greasy quite quickly but I haven’t had that problem luckily. I just spray two or three spritzes of this though the lengths of my hair before plaiting and once I take them out the next morning my hair is still a little fluffy looking but it’s controlled and looks like a natural wave.  

Mane and Tail Shampoo/Conditioner
Anyone who uses my bathroom must think I’m a little mad with these two just chilling in my shower! These two are primarily made for horses, but they are suitable for humans too. It’s something I stumbled upon around 3am whilst roaming around YouTube, I came across a channel (Cosmetic Charlotte). She was talking about this shampoo/conditioner and how it had helped strengthen her hair, therefore, helping it grow longer.. Her hair is already pretty darn long though! I ended up doing a lot more research and I couldn’t find a single bad review, the only thing that had been said a lot was that it made the hair very sleek and a little difficult to work with at times. Luckily, I haven’t had that problem so I love this! Bought both the shampoo and conditioner from eBay for £6.99.. Bargain! Since using this my hair is so soft and it has got fairly long, but that could be because I’m not using heat on my hair other than my fringe. Even that has grown a crazy amount! Definitely worth a try, once I’ve used both bottles up I’ll write a more in depth review.

Autumnal Lips
Autumn is all about deep lips for me, I love how it can pull your makeup and outfit together for an autumnal look.. My favourite lip colours for this have been Seventeen ‘Rule Breaker’ Lipstick, Rimmel ‘Black Tulip’ Lip Liner and MAC ‘Burgundy’ Lip Liner. My go-to look lately has been a smoky eye with a slight wing and dark lip, having quite bright green eyes anyway, this combo really makes my eye colour stand out and I love it! 


Checked Shirts
My wardrobe is jam packed with checked shirts.. So I decided to get two more, oops! These two are both from New Look and they are the softest shirts I have ever owned! Out of the two, the darker shirt is my absolute favourite, it fits like a dream and the sleeves are a good length which is rare!
Topshop burgundy Leigh jeans
I ‘ve always been a blue or black jeans kind of girl, but I found these on Depop and I couldn’t help but have them. They’re not as comfy as the current Leigh jeans, however, I still love them. I’ve been wearing them with a cream jumper, black leather jacket and some flats with the makeup look I mentioned above.. I just love it all!
New Look burgundy heeled boots
Another Depop find.. Brand new boots for £15 makes a happy Sophie! They fit perfectly and I’m still nowhere near as tall as my boyfriend which is great. They’re so comfortable and I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of them even if the heel is a little higher than I would wear day to day, but they’re too nice to just keep for special occasions!



Bring Me The Horizon – That’s The Spirit
I have listened to BMTH for literally years and I love them, however, the past two albums they have released have been truly amazing! ‘That’s The Spirit’ was released on the 11th of September and I don’t think a single day has passed where I haven’t listened to the album at least twice.. My favourite songs on the album are Throne, True Friends and Drown.

Sinister 2
I went to the cinema with the boyfriend to watch this and I absolutely loved it! I really liked the first one so when I found out they were making a second film, I couldn’t wait to watch it. I think I preferred this one to the first because there’s more going on, although I will warn you that there are A LOT of jump-scares which almost had my heart jumping out my chest because we were sitting below a speaker.. Rookie mistake!


Prison Break
I cannot describe how much I love this show! Started the series a few weeks ago and we’re just starting season three.. I’m not usually into shows like it, but there is something that has a total hold over me, I love how often the plot twists and turns. You think you’ve figured out what’s about to happen, but nope.. Something better happens!

I have watched all seven seasons and this saddens me deeply, I wish there were more! It’s one of those things that you keep watching then wonder how many days have passed because it draws you in. There’s always a little cliffhanger which means you have to watch the next episode to see what happens..
And that’s been my September, I also turned 22 this month, so a huge thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday and to my friends who read this, thanks for the pressies and birthday wishes too!
What would you add to your September love list?

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Okay.. I Have Had Enough!

Today’s post isn’t going to be a normal, happy post.. It’s going to be about social media hate and how pathetic I find it! I’ve always received unnecessary hate from pretty much every angle and in all honesty, I don’t get it, what do people get out of it?! I am a very thick skinned person so I don’t let them bother me; however, I’m thinking of all the ones who aren’t able to cope with things and take it all to heart.

I have been called all sorts over the three years I have been posting on the internet, mostly on Twitter. I HATE how Twitter deals with hate accounts.. Well, they don’t! Even if you block or report an account absolutely nothing happens because it doesn’t ‘go against their guidelines’ even though I have had death threats and been told to kill myself.. I’m sorry, but how is that allowed within these ‘guidelines’?! Luckily I have had 20 odd years of learning how to deal with this shit, but what about young teens? I know for a fact that if I was dealing with this whilst I was still in school, I wouldn’t be able to deal with it as well as I am.
The most recent platform I’ve been getting ‘hated’ on is Instagram, now they are much better at dealing with accounts that are abusive. You can delete and report their comments as well as block the account and there’s no way they can get to you again using that account. It’s so much better!
Here’s a snippet of the things I’ve been waking up to lately..
I have had so much more, but I’ve only just started screenshot them.. It’s always the same sort of thing said which make me think it’s either a huge coincidence or there is only one person behind that screen. Either way.. I am so sick and tired of it! The comments are nothing but vile and total bullshit! I have a boyfriend who loves me for exactly who I am, I’m surrounded by friends and family, I’m a size 10/12 so how is that obese?! It’s just so frustrating that people have nothing better to do than try to drag others down to their level.
Twitter needs to up their game by letting you control the content you are mentioned in and give you the option to delete any replies that you find abusive. I’ve had to set my Twitter to private which is a shame, but I cannot be bothered to keep having to block all these accounts yet nothing really happens!
I cannot be alone in this, something needs to change otherwise more tragedies are going to happen through trolling. It’s not fair on those who feel like they’re going through it alone and believe that ending their lives is the only solution when they have so much to live for! At the end of the day it is still bullying and it needs to stop.
Feel free to comment below or you can tweet/dm me @_velvetfox_
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Life Update of 2015!

Hello my Munchkins! I know, usual story.. I vanished off the face of the earth again *sigh* However here I am again with exciting news and new life opportunities for me.. Where to begin?!
Do you remember back to a little post I wrote in January about all the things I want to achieve by 2016? Well, in the next few months I will be able to scratch off at least 4 of them and I am so excited!
The one I’m most excited for.. Stepping up the ladder in work! Finally.. I’m back down to just the one job however it gives me more time to get my training up so I can officially become a team leader. I have worked my ass off to get where I am, to the point where I ended up doing 12-hour shifts most days for a week or so when I’m on a part-time contract of 10 hours a week.. Was a little bad for my health, but it showed my determination to get somewhere within the Co-Op, plus my wages were making my savings account look pretty healthy! Which leads me to the next exciting thing..
I am a payday or two away from being able to get my car!! As much as I love my little bubble (I drive a C1) she’s just not as appealing to me lately and as I plan to do a lot more driving through work and pleasure it makes sense for me to upgrade! I plan to get a Ford Fiesta.. I’ve wanted a Fiesta (09 plate upwards) since learning to drive as that’s the car I took my lessons in and that started my little love for them.. I find them quite pretty to look at, drive nicely and rather comfy! I’m just torn what colour to get.. Either way, she will be named depending on that.. Yes, I’m one of those sad people who name their cars!
As for the third thing, if you’ve watched my most recent video or follow me on Instagram then you will know that I went to the Harry Potter studios in London a few weekends ago as well as staying overnight in London then visiting Camden the next day.. Firstly, Camden is my kind of place! Such a variety of clothing, home decor and food you can find in one small section.. I fell in love with one store in particular called Sai Sai, metal was blaring from the speakers, gorgeous corsets on pretty much every wall and a beautiful collection of masquerade masks.. When I go back, I know my bank balance will be sore but it’ll be so worth it!
And that is pretty much it for now, once I have my car then I will start to save to move out which I am so excited for! Everything really is starting to fall into place.. My happiness has gone through the roof due to the people I currently have in my life and with all of this happening, it’s a little hard for me not to feel on top of the world! So I hope your 2015 is going as well as mine if not.. Don’t worry about it! There’s still plenty of time to turn things around. Speak again soon..

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How to Boost Your Happiness

So lately I have been feeling on top of the world with many things in my life and I’ve found myself feeling a lot happier! So I thought I’d share the things that I have tweaked to boost my overall happiness and confidence.

Stop caring and be you
I have been the worst person for this too many times.. I have obsessed over my body image, the way I smile, laugh, talk and the way I come across in general up until now! I still have moments where I’m uncomfortable with my body image, but I am trying to change that and I’ve come a long way since I started my weight loss journey and wanted to take better care of my body.. Yes, I do still have chunky thighs, but I’m growing to like them because well.. They won’t go! But even doing regular workouts will help boost your mood, I feel great when I’m keeping up with a healthy routine and when I see the results I feel even better!
Throughout my school life, I was told that I was fat, ugly and generally worthless and I took every word to heart and it still makes me feel terrible from time to time, however a valuable lesson I have learnt is that peoples opinions of you do not define you! Since adopting that way of thinking I have become a lot happier with the way I look and I’m nowhere near as self-conscious of myself as I used to be.
Get rid of toxic relationships

Be it friendships or relationships if you are in a position where they are continually putting you down instead of picking you up, then you need to ditch them as soon as you can! Once you get rid of all the negativity out of your life, you’ll feel a lot happier.. Luckily I didn’t have to leave many people behind because I have a truly amazing friendship group that I know I can rely on through thick and thin.

Another thing I have realised is, no matter how hard you try to stay in someones life, how much you bend over backwards for them.. If you’re the only one trying to make an effort, then there’s no point in trying anymore.. They’ve already made their decision, save yourself and walk away!
Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams

No matter how big or small your dreams are, it may take time to achieve but nothing is impossible! My goal in life is to be able to live comfortably without having to worry about money, have my own house and to have general success! However, I can’t achieve that by sitting on my ass all day doing nothing which is why I have two jobs and work as much as I possibly can. I can honestly say I love working as much as I do because I really can see me getting closer to my goal with every payday! Of course, I leave myself enough time to have with my friends in my days off when I can because it’s important to have a good balance of work and play.

So many things can bring you happiness, even if it is sitting on YouTube for hours watching cat videos! The point is, do whatever makes you happy and screw what anyone else thinks!

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Why Hello 2015!

As we wave goodbye to yet another year we start to make lists with huge changes we want to achieve in the next.. Mine is to keep on top of my blogging and making sure I keep on top of it, but how many times have I promised that?! It annoys me how many times I keep going back on my word, however, this time I am determined to do it!
So my first official post of 2015 will be a ‘2015 bucket list’ that I will be crossing off one by one and fingers crossed, by the time 2016 hits I will have achieved everything that I’ve wanted to do.. So here we go!

  1. Visit London 
  2. Get my new car
  3. Go to a gig or festival
  4. Go to Harry Potter World
  5. Make more videos and post more on my blog
  6. Start saving for my first home
  7. Reach weight goals
  8. Go to Thorpe Park/Alton Towers 
  9. Go on more little holidays in the UK 
It’s only a small list, however, it’s things that I have wanted to do for a long time, so let’s hope 2015 is kind to me! I will keep you guys as up to date as I can and hopefully upload a few vlogs to capture these moments! I hope you have a fantastic new year and achieve everything you wish to.. Good luck!

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My Experiences: Relationships

I must admit I’m a little nervous to post this because obviously everyone is different, but if it helps at least one person out then I’m happy! Also, before I start I would like to say that I am no relationship expert, but I have had a few.. Different relationships to say the least! So I thought I would write a post about all the things I know now that I wish I knew at the time.
First off I am going to start with compatibility because this was the hurdle I fell over too many times! Similarities and differences can make or break a relationship! When you’re willing to try something your partner loves doing as a hobby or you share a love for a band, a film and so on.. You instantly click and it gives you something you can talk about for hours on end! If you are two completely different people and your partner hates a lot of the things you love, then it may not work no matter how much you try. From the beginning, Steve and I have always loved watching a film or two with a tub of Pringles and a bag of Maltesers. It’s not the fact that we got to snuggle up on the sofa (although it’s my favourite way to spend my evenings), it’s because we both have similar tastes in films and find the same things amusing.. Even in horror films, I know.. We’re twisted!
Secondly, arguments.. They happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them! It’s not nice at the time, but it is healthy to have the odd argument because it proves that you’re both fighting for the relationship even though the easier option would be to just walk away however if you’re the only one fighting then it’s already game over!
Now, this is one I have recently gone through, ‘the 3-year hump‘. After you have been with the same person for 3 years, the relationship is at a point where there isn’t anything new and exciting to find out about your partner or they have transformed into a completely different person over the years and that’s where a few relationships fall apart! Mine included, but we decided to try things again and the whole relationship felt refreshed! So if your relationship breaks down my advice is not to shut them out and hit the delete button.. Give them the space they need, keep in contact and after some time apart you might realise you’ve both made a horrible mistake, but the same with the arguments, if you’re the only one that wants to get back together then save the heartache and move on.
The last thing I am going to talk about is dealing with a break-up.. I was rarely the one to end a relationship because I hate upsetting people so I have a fair bit of experience with being the one that gets ‘ditched’! Some I was perfectly fine with but the past 2 relationships were the hardest to try and let go, I have an extremely unhealthy way of coping with things that turn my life upside down. I shut myself away, refuse to eat, barely drink, which is why I lost a little under a stone within a week when Steve and I broke up. I was so used to having the same routine near enough every day for the past 3 years that once Steve was gone, I was completely lost, my whole life was shattered in a matter of minutes. Luckily we still kept in contact whilst we were apart and we sorted everything out otherwise I probably wouldn’t be writing this post.. However, the best bit of advice I would give is even though a relationship ends, it’s not the end of the world and I know I am going to seem like the biggest hypocrite that ever walked this earth but things will get better! It could take a week, a month, even a year.. There is always something bigger and better right around the corner, you just have to be brave enough to step a little closer. 
If you like more of these ‘my experiences’ posts and you have some suggestions then feel free to comment below

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I’m Back.. Again!

So let’s have a little catch up.. I have been without broadband for the past month or so and I am now getting proper broadband installed on the August 21st and I am ridiculously excited! Throughout my whole internet journey, I’ve had to rely on my phones internet and my Three dongle to be able to upload videos and blog posts however that method has become quite unreliable lately so I have bitten the bullet and thought I’d just fork out the money to get internet installed into my room! I decided to go with BT as they were A. the cheapest and B. I got a free £75 voucher for Sainsbury’s.. I’m a sucker for free stuff okay?! However this isn’t just a post about me finally getting broadband, this is a post about a new schedule I will be following.
Lately, I have been having a lot of ‘me time’ due to Steve and I spending our Fridays apart to see friends and pursue our hobbies. Seeing as my hobby is writing my blog and uploading videos to my channel, I thought I would take advantage of this time to put some love and energy back into my blog and YouTube channel. This doesn’t mean that I will be able to upload a new video every week because my time in the week is still limited due to my 2 jobs however I will try my very best to keep a more regular upload rate. As for my blog, I plan to write a post every Friday evening as I finish work at 18:30 on a Friday. So that gives me plenty of time to get all snug in my jim-jams and write a post or two.
Fingers crossed my new schedule will work out and not fail like me other attempts however now I know my internet shouldn’t be a problem it’s all down to me to make it happen! Roll on the 21st!

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Hello Again, I’ve Missed You!

So, hey everyone. I am still alive and I haven’t forgotten about you guys, I’ve had to deal with both good and bad news lately… So I shall explain my absence.
I guess I’ll start with the biggest news, me and Steve broke up after being together for over 3 years. This happened in April and I made myself quite ill over it. In a week I had lost just under a stone in weight simply because the only feeling I had was sadness, other than that I was completely numb! However thanks to the support of my wonderful friends and family I am now back on my feet, eating properly and focusing on those who make me happy and have stood by my side since the beginning. Even though our relationship fell apart and it hurts me to say it but it was for the best… There’s no point in forcing a relationship if it’s not working and you’re just hurting each other as the result of it! I feel a lot happier in myself and feel that I have the freedom to do and be who I want to be. We’ve agreed to stay friends, so not all is lost.
On a lighter note, I got a second job! I started on the 2nd of April and it’s another shop job, however, it is a family run business. Which is another big reason why I haven’t been around because I have been working pretty much every day since! I decided to take on another job because it’s going to be my 21st in September and I would love to have my own little place by then. I know I will be like a little kid in a sweet shop when I go homeware shopping! So you’ll have a lot of home-themed hauls to look forward to!
Lastly, there is a new baby in the family! A beautiful little girl called Layla, she was born on the 17th of April and she is perfect! So I now have 4 nephews and 2 nieces, Christmas is going to be fun! Whenever I hold a newborn they always seem to cry but when my brother put Layla in my arms she was silent and slept the whole time I was holding her (a good hour or so) it makes me feel like I want to have my own little family in the future but right now I need to let my hair down and explore the world!
So that’s my little update! I will try my very hardest to film a few videos and keep a steady upload rate. If you would like me to write a post on how to deal with a break-up or anything then I will. I hope you’re all well and I’ll speak to you soon.

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