Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

Lee Stafford Hair Growth

 As you know I’ve been trying out the Lee Stafford range for hair growth. I wouldn’t have tried out these products if it wasn’t for Helen over on Helen Melonlady (Her YouTube) as these products were recommended to her by a friend so I thought I would try it too. I am so glad that I did! I bought them all in Boots whilst the offer 3 for £12 was on, which meant I saved £9.97 so I was very happy! (Let’s hope they have an offer like that again soon!) 

 What does it do?
The Lee Stafford hair growth shampoo, conditioner and treatment have a ‘Pro-Growth complex’ which is made of a protein based formula to fertilise your follicles that help to create a healthy environment on your scalp to help it grow faster and stronger. Sounds very technical!

First Impressions!

I adore the shampoo! As I use a lot of product on my hair such as volumising mousse, fibre putty and hairspray I need a shampoo that thoroughly cleans my hair without damaging it. I am already on my 2nd bottle so my only quibble with the bottles is they are a bit small for the price (£6.99) and the clip top lid isn’t practical because when you clip it back down any product that is still in there leaks out and goes everywhere (This I found out whilst travelling and it leaked in my bag)
The conditioner is also good, like the shampoo it leaves my hair lovely and soft.. Although it makes it a little bit harder to style my hair. My hair is pretty annoying as it is a little limp unless I put lots of product in my hair to make it manageable. It’s a very creamy conditioner which in theory mixed with some water it should spread around easily right? WRONG! I usually start at my tips and work my way up so my roots aren’t being drowned in the product, but with this conditioner.. Whole different story! I have to start at the root and work my way down which makes my hair become greasy a lot quicker than usual!
Now the actual treatment itself, I had some problems with… 1. It says to use an “egg size amount” what sort of measuring is that?! I have quite small hands, so I can’t judge sizes very realistically so I ended up grabbing a ‘Sophie palm-sized‘ amount and putting it through my hair. Long story short… It was way too much and my hair the next day was a total grease pit! 2. It also says to use it with every wash until the length of hair improves. Now there are few problems wrong with that… It made my hair stupidly difficult to work with and like I said above it made my hair really greasy, however, other than that it is a good product. Yes, it did make my hair look a little gross, but now that I’m using it every other wash it seems to be fine!

In Summary!

I have been using the whole system since November and I can say it works! It usually takes forever for my fringe to grow out, but in a month and a half it’s already too long to cope with and I haven’t been washing my hair everyday like a lot of people did. I wash my hair every other day, but I am trying to train it to go 3 days without needing to wash it because that’ll cause less damage and less natural oils being washed away that your hair needs to grow and be healthy. 
I know that £13.98 is a little steep for just the shampoo and conditioner but I really think it is worth every penny!
Give me your thoughts if you have tried any of the Lee Stafford range!
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