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Over the past few months, I’ve been on the hunt for a strengthening base coat and a top coat that dries instantly and Sally Hansen delivered!! I love their varnishes, I’m just not too keen on the prices, seeing as just these three cost me a near £20 but they make up for it with how great they are!
So let’s start with the Advanced Hard As Nails strengthening base coat. First off THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!! Time and time again I‘ve bought a varnish that claims to strengthen your nails but does nothing. As I work in a supermarket it’s difficult to keep your hand and nails cared for, especially when you’re having to open glued boxed with just your fingertips! As a result of this my nails would always peel or break off really easily however ever since I’ve been using this as my base coat it has vanished, my nails feel a lot healthier and stronger.
Next is the Insta-Dri… This is my second bottle and I’ve used it quite a few times, yet it still looks full! You don’t need layers of this to coat your whole nail it seems to spread itself over the nail. Also, it does exactly what it says on the bottle, it dried in less that 30 seconds however it can still be a little soft in some places so I wouldn’t rush off and do things straight away if you want your nail colour to last.
Then finally the Double Duty strengthening base and top coat, I haven’t used this varnish anywhere near as much as I have the other two however once again it made quite a difference to my nails. I bought this before I bought the Hard As Nails and the difference was amazing, also it is an amazing top coat! It adds a really nice shine to the nails and it makes the nail colour last a few more extra days before it starts to chip.
Honestly, I think my search for an amazing base and top coat is over because these are fantastic, they last well and they really do care for my nails.
What’s your favourite base/top coat that you’ve discovered?

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