Update of 2016

Hello everyone, so once again I vanished.. However a lot of things have changed since the last time I posted anything, so I shall start with the biggest news. After almost 5yrs of being together, myself and Steve have parted ways, which is the main reason why I haven’t been posting anything.. We’ve been apart for a little under four months and I will admit, things were hard to begin with, but I threw myself into my work and friends to keep me going. As it stands now I am back to my old bubbly self with a whole new lease happiness in front of me with many new adventures!

The second biggest news is.. I HAVE MY NEW CAR!! After a year of saving, I finally have it.. Now have a Vauxhall Corsa SE and I am in love with it! Mainly because it has heated seats and steering wheel so no more driving with an ice wheel for me.. Not that it’s cold anymore thanks to this lovely spring weather we’ve been having recently, but it’s a nice thing to have just in case. I have named my car Quinn after Harley Quinn, does that make me sad that I name my cars? Either way, I love my car and I am so happy to finally have something to show for all the hard work I’ve done.
The third and final bit of big news is that I am moments away from becoming a team leader! Something else I’ve been working towards over the past year and I’m glad it’s finally paying off. I’m yet to find my footing to which store I will be in, but that’s a decision I need to make and consider all the pros and cons for each in the next month or so.
On a smaller scale, you may notice that this blog is no longer called ‘SophieBlogs’, I decided to have a little blog rebranding and in theory start from scratch! So my blog, TwitterInstagram and Facebook all have new names.
So that’s about it right now.. 2016 has definitely been a mixed bag of a year so far, but things have only been getting better lately so I’m looking forward to the rest of this year to see what else it has in for me.

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