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What I Do On A Rainy Summers Day

If you’re following me on Twitter then you will know I am dying from a cold (cue the violin) Luckily I seem to have got worse on my day off so I’ve spent most of today moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress.. Do you like our new home? WordPress is so different to Blogger but so far I’m loving how much you can customise! So for today’s post whilst I sit in feeling sorry for myself watching the rain fall outside I thought I would share what I tend to do when I have time to myself!

We’ll start with the things I like to watch which are mainly YouTube, Netflix and more recently Anime! Starting with YouTube I’ve been watching a lot more vlogs recently, I think I’m just nosey more than anything! It’s just interesting to see what people get up to in their daily life. Lately, I have been watching RoxxsaurusVlog, PointlessBlogsVlogs and JazzybumVlogs as well as vlogs I have been getting into watching people explore abandoned buildings such as hospitals, mansions and even the Tots TV house! The channel I have watched the most is Hell On Earth I find them kinda entertaining if not a little vile at times with things they come out with but I find it so strange how people just up and leave these different hotels or mansions without taking their furniture or anything with them! One of my favourites was an abandoned fairground.. At any moment I was expecting a zombie clown to pop round a doorway!

I haven’t been watching an awful lot of Netflix lately mainly because I’ve watched pretty much everything I want to that’s on there (My Netflix Picks), however, recently we have been watching a show called ‘1000 Ways To Die’ which goes through all these ways people have died.. From getting ran over by their own car to someone getting eaten by a road sweeper! Some you question how they can be real deaths because they’re so silly but apparently they are!

Lastly, Anime which I have recently got into thanks to Tobs.. I’ve always liked The Cat Returns and Spirited Away from a young age but I never knew anything else! I’m a big fan of ‘Spice and Wolf’ mainly because Holo reminds me of myself.. Demanding and thinking of the next meal (I think Tobs would agree!) We’ve pretty much finished season 2 just need to find the rest now! Sword Art Online, Tokyo Ghoul and Death Note are also firm favourites! As for films I really like Totoro, Howls Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke. They are the sort of films I’ll never get bored of watching just like pretty much all Disney films!

Galaxy Xbox One Controller

Now I know this part of the post probably won’t appeal to all of you buuut I am a bit of a gamer girl! Since Tobs and I getting a house together we have created quite the little gaming nook in our front room! We have both our TV’s side by side so we can play online games together without having to be in separate rooms.. Also means if one of us would rather watch something instead of play something then that’s also possible. We play a lot of games together, it’s one of the things we’ve always done as a couple plus Toby has one hell of a game collection! We play a lot of Gears of War 4 and I honestly love that game! If you have never played and you own a Xbox then why?! Personally, I find it fun to play because when you kill an enemy they usually explode into meaty chunks and it just amuses me for some strange reason!

Another game I like but often hate is Dark Souls, now Dark Souls is a completely different game.. The monsters are terrifying not just to look at but when you’re faced with a boss battle whose health bar may as well be going off the screen that’s where you usually think ‘why do I do this to myself?’ as his sword slices through you like a butter knife with butter. Often you end up just killing yourself from just walking a little too close to edges which wouldn’t be too bad if you didn’t loose your souls every time which is your currency. I’m currently playing through the first one, however, the first Dark Souls game I played was the third one. I liked it so I thought I best go through the games in order!

Other than watching or playing something that’s pretty much all I do! Unless I’m in a blogging mood then I tend to create a load of draft posts for all my ideas and slowly work through them. So what do you like to do in your spare time?

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  1. love it Netfix is life after blogging.LOL I use to watch 1000 ways to die; did not know it was on Netflix. Well till next time, hope you get better from that cold.

    1. I used to watch so much on Netflix!! I may do a post of all my favourite series’ on Netflix 🤔 and thank you! I hope it leaves me soon haha

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