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If you’re anything like me then you’re probably curious to what others have on their vanity table and drawers. Most of the products I own are recommendations from bloggers and YouTubers! I love testing out new products, but my collection is nowhere near as impressive as some peoples! I like to keep my collection relatively small, that way I can make sure I use everything. So in today’s post I will be showing you how I store my makeup!

Welcome to my beauty room!

Blogger beauty roomBlogger beauty room

When Tobs and I moved into this home we already decided we were going to split the spare room. My half is my dressing/beauty room and his side has all his games and figures (living with a gamer is like living in GAME.. Love it!). The rocking chair came with the house and I absolutely adore it despite the squeaking and horrendous cushion that was on it.. Hence the pillows! It may look like I have hardly any clothes but I have a chest of drawers in our bedroom with my many pairs of pyjamas in.. I’m that kinda girl 😅 This little area may look great to some of you, but it’s nowhere near finished yet as I’m on the hunt for a small set of drawers to replace the grey ones I stole from Toby’s bedroom at his parents.. Those drawers are full of skincare and hair care products.. If you’d like to see a post about that, let me know!

Vanity Table

Copper vanity table

My vanity table is quite typical of a blogger.. Marble, copper and candles! So let’s start with my vanity table itself. I found this one on eBay, it was all the way up in Southampton and I’m so thankful that Toby’s parents didn’t mind picking it up for me! I bought it from a lady that revamps furniture. Little did I know this was just a regular IKEA desk wrapped in marble vinyl and sprayed copper haha.. Nether the less I still love it!

Vanity table glass jars

I like having my everyday essentials in cute little jars so when I spotted these in Sainsbury’s a few years back I just had to have them! They were in the sale so they only cost me £2.50 each and they are heavy glass jars. I keep my bobby pins, hair bands and cotton rounds.. Or at least try to! I’m always losing my bobby pins around the house hence why the first jar is empty haha. I like to keep my vanity top clear so I can get to everything easily without having to dodge product when I’m getting ready!

Makeup Storage

Marble vanity tableCopper and marble vanity table

Just like many other bloggers I own a few Muji drawers! I have three of the wide drawers and one of the mini drawers. If you’ve read my previous makeup storage post from a few years ago you should recognise these drawers! My set up has pretty much stayed the same over the years, it’s only moved house. They may seem expensive but they are 100% worth it.. I’ve had mine for around four years now and other than a few little scratches from moving they still look great!


My next post in this little series will be all about my base makeup products so be sure to follow my blog or Twitter so you don’t miss it!

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Just a little blogger living in Taunton
  1. This is so cute!! I want it all 😍😍

    1. I’m sure you deserve a little treat 😉

  2. I’d love to have my own makeup room! Your desk is also so pretty. I have acrylic storage for my makeup and love it! I would hate to hide all my makeup away

    Lily |

    1. I think if I had everything packed away in a drawer I just wouldn’t use everything! Mainly because I’d forget what I have 😂

  3. Man I wish I was organised 😩😂

    1. You can do it girl! Believe!! 😃 Find a little nook and make it yours! Basically what I did in our house and when I lived with my parents

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