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Primark & Homeware Haul

This month has been a total ‘throw money at everything’ type deal! We’ve renewed the rental contract on the house, we are getting Luna (our husky pup) on Friday and the cherry on the cake was my car breaking down.. Yaay! Saying that everyone says retail therapy helps so that’s just what I did! Again, I asked on Twitter what you would like to see from me this week and this was the outright winner! Everyone still loves a Primark haul I see. 😉

Haul Overview

So this little shopping trip was fueled by just needing to pick up some new shoes for work but instead, I ended up with a little more than that! I’ve never had good self-control!

Harry Potter tshirt

Harry Potter ‘Don’t let the muggles get you down’ – £8.00

Recently Primark has been getting a lot of Harry Potter related stock in and it’s great! This t-shirt is made with the softest material.. As with many of these sorts of tops I buy, I tend to use them as lounge tops because I like how they’re slightly oversized.

Shoes and Tights

60Den tights – £3.50 | Black trainers – £3

I’ve always loved Primark tights but I have always bought the 40den tights so I thought for a change I’d get the slightly thicker tights and I love them! I have chubby sausage legs and they’re so flattering on me. As for the shoes, I desperately needed new shoes for work as my Converse were quite literally falling apart. For £3 you can’t really go wrong and even though they are cheap they are actually quite comfortable!

Pattern Trousers and Cable

iPhone charging cable – £9.99 (TK Maxx) | Patterned trousers – £12

I don’t know about you but I am forever losing my charging cables! My phone doesn’t hold its charge anymore so I’m always having to charge my phone.. I got this one from TK Maxx for two reasons 1. It’s gold and 2. I needed it because I had left my charger at work and I didn’t fancy popping in just to get my charger. Knowing them they’d probably try and make me work! These trousers are so comfortable and cool, I bought a white pair during the heatwave and they were a life saver when I didn’t want to have my legs out all the time! I might do a holiday lookbook closer to our holiday in October!


Chokers – £1.50 each

So chokers have been a bit of a fashion trend for quite some time and I’m only just jumping on this bandwagon! These are my first chokers and I’ll probably be buying many more.


Cat head dish (Asda) | Brambleberry & sage candle – £3.50 | Fox salt & pepper shakers (Dunelm) | Wild orchid & honey candle – £2.00
Pineapple dish (Dunelm)

I didn’t get an awful lot of homeware.. Or at least as much as I would like! I was mainly on the hunt for blogger props and even though I already I had the copper string lights I never thought to use them in blog photos. Sadly, I lost the receipts for Dunelm and Asda so I’m unsure of the prices on the little cat head dish but isn’t it adorable! The last few bits I bought from Primark is a few candles from Primark and honestly, I’ve been dying to burn the wild orchid and honey candle because it smells amazing!! As for the brambleberry and sage candle, I had to get it because it just looks cute! We then popped into Dunelm to have a look around and I found two of my favourite things from this trip.. You know I’m talking about the fox salt and pepper shakers! So if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll know that I had a teeny salt accident whilst making mine and Tobs dinner. Instead of adding a little sprinkle of salt, the whole pot went in.. Uggh! So now we have an official little salt and pepper set and they’re adorable.. Hopefully no more salt disasters 😂 Oh and I got the little pineapple dish too which has already featured on my Depop!

And that’s all I bought! If you don’t know we are picking up our puppy Luna next Friday and I’m so damn excited! I will be posting a little puppy haul with everything we’ve got her soon. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you’d like to see how she’s settling in the our household!

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  1. I love absolutely everything you bought 😍

    1. You wait until the beauty haul 😉 Sooooo many lipsticks!

  2. I am so jealous of the Harry Potter items that are sold in Primark, if I lived in London I would have purchased every single item!!! Happy Saturday beautiful!! x


    1. I’ve gathered quite the collection of Harry Potter merch now! I want some funkopops and maybe a few wands 😍 have a great day! 💕 xx

  3. I love everything you brought here! I soo need to go on a Primark shopping spree soon. Since moving away from my home city I haven’t ventured in because my nearest one is 40minutes away! I’m looking forward to spotting these items though.

    Gemma | http://www.anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com

    1. Whoa! That’s quite the journey, mines only up the road from me I’m lucky! Hope you find many goodies 😃

  4. Love the post and everything you bought. I’m not much of a clothes person, but I could get lost in the home ware section for hours, smelling the different scents of candle and finding the perfect fairy lights and the softest throw xx


    1. I love Primark candles! I think they’re quite good considering the price! Sadly my Primark doesn’t have much of a homeware section 😔 xx

      1. Oh no, you may have to check out another store! I have also just nominated you for the mystery blogger award and the details of the award can be found on my blog xx

        1. Aww thank you!! That’s so sweet xx

  5. I absolutely love your hauls. You always buy really adorable things. The chokers are super cute. If only we actually had a Primark here, I’d basically live in there.

    1. I’ve bought even more Halloween bits so I may upload another haul soon xx

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