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Review | Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks

I’m so excited to be writing this post as I was lucky enough to be sent all 12 shades of Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipsticks! I am part of a programme called Influenster where if you have a blog, YouTube channel or you’re a social media influencer then you can sign up. You answer surveys, review your favourite (or not so favourite) products and participate in competitions to earn badges! The more badges you have, the more likely you are to receive a ‘VoxBox’ or be featured on the site. So back to the lipsticks!

Soap & Glory Skincare

Soap & Glory Skincare Review
I popped into Boots a few days back for a quick mooch around and came out with half of Soap & Glory’s skincare range.. Oops, all I can say is I’m thankful for Boots points! I ended up getting two cleansers, a moisturiser, eye serum, blemish treatment and a face mask. I will most likely do a more in-depth post about each product once I’ve been using them for a month so I can give a better opinion on everything.
The Ultimelt’ Deep Purifying Hot Cloth Cleanser – £10
First off, the only product from the range I knew I wanted to try.. Before I was using the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, but at £26 it is a little on the expensive side. I’m trying to find a cheaper alternative and I think I might have found one. I’ve used this once so far to remove my makeup and my skin has never looked so clear! It doesn’t really smell of anything which is a bonus, I’m not overly keen on scented thick cream cleansers. I always use a toner after cleansing which usually gives away if a cleanser is good or not, there wasn’t a single trace of makeup left! I think this will be one to repurchase time and time again, plus it’s only £10!
Peaches and Clean’ Deep Cleansing Milk – £8
I would suggest this cleanser if you’re more on the lazy side. Literally just need to slap it on, wipe it off then go to sleep.. Perfect! It’s another cream cleanser even though it’s meant to be a milk, however, it’s not as thick as the cleanser above. Again, I got amazing results, removes all traces of makeup and moisturising. I’m not sure if I would repurchase this at the moment but we’ll see how it goes.
No Clogs Allowed’ Self  Heating Detox Mask – £11.50
This is by far the strangest thing I have used, I’m not sure if I like it or not.. The results are amazing my pores were clear and barely visible, any blemishes I had faded and it left my skin feeling soft and fresh! I’m just not sure how I feel about the self-heating side of it, I’ve never used a self-heating mask before so I wasn’t sure what to expect and I’m still on the fence about it. It doesn’t get ridiculously hot, almost feels like someone is blowing a hair dryer in your face with the heat setting on, so nothing uncomfortable. I love it for the results alone, we’ll work on the heat thing!
For Daily Youth’ 6in1 Multi-Active Moisturiser – £12
If any of you have been with me for a while, you will know that I am a firm lover of the Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer and I still am, however, this is on the same level of love! It’s a lightweight moisturiser which doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky, only incredibly soft and hydrated. It has a subtle peachy smell which I love and so far I haven’t found that it breaks me out in any way, unlike some other moisturisers.. Definitely another one for the repurchase list!
You Won’t Believe Your Eyes’ Tired Eye Brightening Moisture Serum – £12.50
I hate my under-eyes with a passion so I am forever trying out under-eye products, I was surprised to find three little rollerballs to apply the product which is brilliant for bringing puffy eyes down. The serum has quite a silky feeling on the eyes and doesn’t go sticky once it starts to sink into the skin, unlike many other products I have tried. I’d say it’s very similar to Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On with how it goes onto the skin and works. The results are perfect, my eyes are brighter, smoother and the suitcases have gone from under my eyes.. Love it!
Dr Spot’ Super Strength Breakout Clearing Gel – £8
I have only used this a handful of times, but in all honesty, I haven’t noticed much of a difference in my blemishes. It might be because the blemishes I have at the moment are more hormonal than anything so that could be a factor, but I will keep using it twice a day and hope it works! It’s an almost watery gel formula which spreads easily, the only thing I have noticed is it makes my skin drier than usual with these types of products which isn’t ideal. As it stands I doubt I’d buy this again, but things could change.

So that is everything I got from Soap & Glory for now, I will most likely buy more and maybe try out some of their makeup too.. What’s your favourite Soap & Glory products?

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My First Purchase With: Liz Earle

So today I bring you a rather exciting post, well to me anyway! I made my very first order with Liz Earle and got a few goodies to try out. So here’s what I thought about the whole process

Ordering and delivery:
I found their ordering system quite simple, I liked that there was the option to pay with PayPal which always makes me feel a little safer with online shopping however if you don’t have a PayPal account then you can pay with most credit and debit cards. As for delivery, I ordered on Thursday and my package arrived on Saturday, so in my opinion that is pretty darn quick!
My items came in a strong sturdy box, so straight away I was happy as in the past I have ordered items from other brands and the box has been damaged as well as the items inside. Once I had opened the box and tissue paper I was pleasantly surprised to see packing peanuts, which proves that Liz Earle takes every step they can to keep your items safe during delivery.

What I bought:

I bought a total of 6 items and got a freebie because, with every order you make, Liz Earle give you a free 30ml sample of the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and a muslin cloth. I bought the skincare essential regime, which is a monthly offer they do with a variety of different products, this months offer included:

I got all those items for just £43, if I had bought them separately then it would have cost me £73.50… So I saved £30.50! 
As I was getting the Daily Eye Repair, I thought I would get a night cream for my eyes. So I bought the Smoothing Line Serum 10ml (£14.75), I wanted to get a line reducing serum because I have quite bad lines that my make-up tends to sink into and so far this is actually helping! The last thing I bought was a foundation, now it is very rare for me to buy a foundation online without seeing a sample, however, I put all my faith into people reviews and YouTube and decided to get the Signature Foundation 25ml (£21) in the shade Porcelain 01. So far so good, I have used it once since I have had it, it’s more of a cream foundation than a liquid and is easily buildable. I will be doing an individual review on each item that I got once I have been using them for a little while.
All in all, I am extremely impressed with the quality of their products and their presentation! Well done Liz Earle, you have gained a customer for life!
What’s your favourite Liz Earle product?

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My First Purchase: Blank Canvas Cosmetics

I would like to start off by saying Happy New Year and as it is a new year things are going to be starting to change! Blogging more frequently will be one of them, so here is the first post of the year! After quite a few months on planning to buy a few things from Blank Canvas Cosmetics, I took the plunge in November and I am more than pleased with the items I ordered.

About Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Blank Canvas Cosmetics are an online cosmetics brand based in Ireland. They sell excellent makeup palettes, brushes and beauty blenders at affordable prices.

The packaging

One thing that I will say is that they make sure that their items get to you in perfect condition and the amount of packaging that surround the items proves that! It was literally one bag inside another then surrounded by three more layers of bubble wrap!
What I bought

I bought the Face Perfection Kit 1, which includes a 12 piece my face and eye pro deluxe professional brush kit, contour/highlight kit and an airbrush blender.

My thoughts so far

The airbrush blender has been a winner for me so far, it applies my foundation so smoothly which leaves my skin looking flawless! In the past with brushes, I have found that some can make my foundation look a little cakey and stuck to my skin. However with the airbrush blender works the foundation into my skin so seamlessly it’s amazing! I haven’t tried the face brushes yet however I have used the eye brushes and so far I am quite pleased, they’re not as soft as my Real Techniques, however, I think after a few washes they will become less stiff! As for the contour/highlight kit, I recently went away so I only packed the basics and I took this kit with me. It was my setting powder and my eyeshadow so I would say that it is a great multi-tasking kit!
Once I have been using the entire set for a few months, I will do an individual review for everything. All in all, I will most likely purchase more items from Blank Canvas Cosmetics in the future.
Have you got any items from Blank Canvas Cosmetics? If so, what are your thoughts about them?

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My First Romwe Purchase
I am so excited to do this post! This is my very first purchase from and I couldn’t be happier! I was too excited to open it, so instead of using my Canon 600D I just used my iPhone 4S for the pictures! Sorry…

So I’m going to start off with the ordering and delivery process, I ordered the coat on the 19th of November and received it today (28th of November) which isn’t too bad seeing as Romwe are based in China. I was able to track the package the whole way, however, it wasn’t as instant as I would like as it is a couple of days behind on the updates of where the package was.
Now onto the packaging… Which I was very impressed with!
Looking at the package itself it is extremely well wrapped! So well wrapped that it took me ages to be able to get into it!
After a few minutes of trying to get into the bag, here is what was inside! A returns form and the item I ordered… Pretty standard.
However, this is where I noticed that Romwe do things a little differently. I love how the item is in a zip-lock bag instead of the normal bag sealed with sellotape! I think it’s great because I can reuse the bag afterwards.
So let’s get to the good part! The item! I ordered the Zippered Black Panel Woolen Coat for just £21.11 (full price £73.85). Now you’re probably wondering how I managed to knock off £52.74, well that’s simple they had a ‘Thanksgiving gift’ offer on which meant the coat was £24.84 however because this was my first purchase I got an extra 15% off as I signed up to their newsletters. Plus it is free shipping no matter how much you spend! That to me just screams amazing! (Pssst.. The coat is currently on offer for £46.99 click here)
So here it is straight out of the packet! It is nicely folded, unlike most items I have ordered from other stores where it comes all screwed up in a ball and I have to hang it in the airing cupboard to get the creases out!
Here’s the full view, yes I know it doesn’t look great like this, however, I will do an outfit post featuring this coat very soon so you can get a better look! There are so many little details on this coat, I love the use of the wool, faux leather and silver zips/buttons. It just brings the whole coat together and I know I will be able to pair this with many outfits already!
Working zip on the sleeve
Mixing textures is quite a big trend at the moment so another reason why this coat has it all! It’ll make it so simple to create an outfit that is bang on trend by just having this coat as the main attraction!
Well there is my new gorgeous coat from! Be sure to keep an eye out for an outfit post very soon.

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